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Restorative Justice Conferencing

Last Updated on 2015-02-20 Written by Administrator
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What to Do When Bullying Prevention Has Failed:

Learn How to Use

Restorative Justice Conferencing

For Collaborative Responses

To Bullying and Other Policy Violations

September 19, 2013

SkidmoreCollegeSaratoga SpringsNY


Question:  When you mess up at home… what happens? 


Answer:  Your parents “ground” you. 


You have to stay home.  The idea is to reconnect you to the family and reaffirm your relationship and responsibilities.


Question:  When you mess up at school… what happens?


Answer:  You get suspended.


You are not allowed to attend classes for a few days. You get kicked off your sports team. You can’t go to the prom.   Basically, you are distanced from the school and your connection is “suspended.”


Can’t we discipline students without distancing them?  Yes there is a way:


Restorative Justice Conferencing.


Join Us on the Skidmore Campus to Learn How:

  • Assemble those harmed by incidents at school.
  • Facilitate the meeting so those who have been harmed can be heard.
  • Help those responsible to understand how they have harmed others.
  • Create plans to help the offender repair the harm of the incident, giving offending students a way to rebuild trust and rejoin the community.

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